STORY of the flascherl spirit

Two friends born and bred in Munich Germany finally started the Flascherl experiment in 2019. As the two never say no to a good party it is a joy for them to bring joy to others. Therefore Flascherls’ intention is to provide good drinks, good music and good fun at fresh events for friends and future friends. That’s what we call the Flascherl Spirit and that Spirit is finally ready to be spread.


Some people might say: clear citrus flavor.

Others say: warm wooden note and unique colour.

So called experts say: natural sweetness but without the addition of sugar.

Let’s be honest: If we are being questioned about any of our botanicals, we are kindly referring to botanischer Garten.

We use to say: gentle, fresh and definitely the drink to get the party going.

Long story short: we are still having problems with trying to find the right words to describe it - make your own picture.

For further information about the distillery craft behind the Flascherl Spirituose check out our friends at Waldbrand Distillery.

Here is another animation of the flascherl spirit.