Flascherl faq's

here's a selection of dead serious questions we are often facing.
if you can't find the answer to your specific concern, don't hesitate to write us at ich-brauchs(at)flascherl.com

- How long does delivery take?

We're cosy types. our delivery time is 2-7 days after receipt of payment.
in case you need a last minute gift, don't hesitate to contact us via ich-brauchs(at)flascherl.com, we'll figure sth out.

- How do you ship?

- How does "your Flascherl" taste?

We're still struggling with this one...
Here we tried to describe the taste as honest as we can.

- why is your liquor brown?

For more information about the distillery craft behind Flascherl checkout our friends at Waldbrand.com

- Falscherl?! i've problems with reading the name on the label, is that on purpose?

yes, this is a way of customer segmentation.
it is, the design should visualise the quite complex and mystical taste of the spirit.

- Why is it called Flascherl?

The name is a result of our controversial ironic relationship to munich’s high society.
In it’s original meaning most people here think of a ridiculously large (magnum) bottle of champagne.
In our case we just want to put a smile on peoples faces, in the moment they hear someone order a flascherl next to them.

- Your font looks sick bro! What type are you using?

it's two custom made fonts, you can check them out here.

- I'm a huge fan of flascherl soundsystem!! Will you share some more playlists?

good news. we follow the good old bravo hits approach. at least for each new drink we will publish a compilation delivering the vibe of the drink. flascherl soundsystem?! check out our account on spotify.

- Are you planning on more flascherl products?

yes, stay up to date with our newsletter.

- the quotes sliding in the footer section... are those people seriously your friends?

partly, yes. Do you also have a significant quote that nails the flascherl experience?! write us yours using your alias to quotes(at)flascherl.com and you might also appear down there soon.

- prosciutto cotto?! Can I PLEeeaSE have the number of the flascherl testimonial?

Sorry, data protection. but you can probably meet him at our next flascherl event.