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announces pong

flascherl pong. A serious sports game powered by the flascherl spirit.

what we all need now is something that cheers us up a little. 
so as a substitute for our covid-cancelled #flascherlopen tennis event, 
here is a little distraction gift for all you brave home officers and tensed lockdown lovers.
hold on, be kind and stay (e-)sporty! 
p.s. put on your headphones before playing flascherl pong. new thrilling playlist attached!

goes ig

we're quite semi happy to announce that we managed to create an instagram account. Do not expect a lot of content. but quality.


open 2020

To be determined

To Be Determined

This is a poster of the flascherl open. A sports event powered by the flascherl spirit.

our slightly different sport event will Take place as soon as  corona virus officially allows us to share drinks n' high-fives again.

we are already looking forward to smooth Tennis rallies and one hell of a party!

until then - stay sporty.

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